What is Mintful?

At Mintful, we believe that happiness is the most important criteria for career success. What if we all had jobs where we could focus on the daily tasks we enjoy? Employees AND employers would benefit. The world would be a better place.

Typical job search platforms match candidate profiles with advertised job descriptions. Yes, this matches you with a job you can perform - but there’s no way to know whether you’ll be happy in that job. You may find you’ve left one kind of misery for another.

Mintful aims to help you break that cycle and identify what you really need from a job to be happy. And then we want to help you find it.

It all starts with a little mindfulness. Mintful helps by prompting you to jot down your job-related happiness requirements, privately. If and when you’re ready for new opportunities, you can accept requests to connect from organizations with jobs that match your happiness drivers.

Take that first step toward “working happy” today!