How it works

What is Mintful?

Mintful is both a self discovery tool and a powerful job search engine. We believe the world would be a better place if everyone were happy at work. So Mintful helps you understand more clearly what you need for a happy work life - your own “happiness drivers”. Then we help you discover happiness in your current job or find a new job that fits your happiness criteria.

Our approach

You “work happy” when you enjoy your day-to-day activities and feel excited about your future. Mintful first helps you identify your own work happiness drivers by asking you insightful questions. Next you can create a description of your perfect job, updating it anytime. If you wish to explore new opportunities, you can activate your perfect job to enter the Mintful matching process anonymously. Employers with matching openings can then request to connect with you. See our FAQs.

Our promise

Your work happiness is the ultimate measure of our success. We are unconditionally committed to protecting the privacy of our members, providing a safe environment to track and compile your work happiness profile. A place where dreams and plans for a happier professional model are built and brought to life, Mintful is above all else a trusted community where members’ happiness is the only thing that counts.