Guided by our values

We are on a mission to help the world be happier at work. We believe this can bring about great change. And we believe it starts with the individual. We strive to provide the environment, inspiration and tools that help members listen to their innermost feelings, define what makes them happy and pursue opportunities that will make them happier.

  • Our actions are guided by their impact on our members’ happiness.
    • We gauge success based on members’ reported happiness
    • We refuse to take any action that puts that happiness at risk
    • We require members, employers and partners to share our vision

  • We consider privacy to be an essential condition for happiness definition.
    • We guide members to look inside themselves for answers rather than to external influences
    • We encourage members to document their feelings to validate happiness drivers
    • We maintain member profile anonymity at all times and all costs

  • We take dreams very seriously. They are a window to a happier life.
    • We never define or limit anyone to a specific job, industry or career path
    • We encourage experimentation to uncover new happiness drivers
    • We consider experience, education and skills as secondary to will

We are a values-driven organization: they inform our firm’s strategic direction as well as our individual behavior on a daily basis. They represent the reasons our firm exists, who we are, what we believe in and what we do.